Tecon Services, Inc. and Management Safety Philosophy

“Safety first” is thoroughly integrated throughout Tecon. Through our proactive safety programs, potential hazards are identified, evaluated, effectively controlled preventing of jobsite incidences.

Since our beginning, Tecon Services, Inc. has employed new methods and value based systems to inspire and improve positive attitudes and safety programs with no incidents or accidents to our employees or the environment.

With the philosophy and the expectation of “Zero Accidents” we continue to utilize programs which focus on leading versus lagging indicators with identification of hazards, evaluation and elimination of these unsafe conditions through these proactive programs.

Tecon takes responsibility for our actions by placing the safety of our employees above all else, through such programs as Safety Execution Plans for each project, Hazard Assessments, Safety Observations, Job Safety/Hazard Analysis for each task and job specific training programs. Through the utilization of these proactive programs, Tecon prevents unplanned events and accidents which help us meet our core value beliefs of providing a safe environment for our employees.

As an employee of Tecon, from the boardroom to the field employee, we expect you to take responsibility and value safety, and know it as a personal value.

Tecon Services, Inc. has business relationships with the following organizations:

  • Texas Safety Councils
  • National Safety Councils
  • Associated Builders and Contractors
  • PEC Premier
  • Disa & ISNetworld
  • National Compliance and Management Service
  • Veriforce
  • Many training centers across the nation

Through the partnerships with these organizations we meet compliance standards required by owner facilities and state and federal regulations.

Tecon Services, Inc. is a nationally recognized corporation for safety and leadership. By implementing a comprehensive safety program, Tecon has set a clear trend of improved safety throughout our company. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has averaged 0.74 and our workers compensation claims have been reduced.

Tecon Services, Inc. has a commitment to “Safety First” and “Zero Accidents”.

Tecon Services, Inc. and Management Commitment to Quality:

It is our company policy to provide a perfect product and services to our clients.

Quality provides materials and services that comply with the requirements of project specifications and customers scope of work.

Quality is a company and team effort. Tecon management and employees will work together to ensure that our total product meets our clients needs and requirements.

Tecon Services, Inc. implemented a Quality Assurance Program (QAP), Quality Control Program (QCP) and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and is patterned after ISO 9000, 9001, 9002, and 9003. Our standard for operation is a business that provides quality assurance, quality control and standard operation procedures for products, services and provides an environment for improvement. This addresses design, development, production, installation and services of company products and services.

The SOP begins with a scope to state the objective of procedure and continues with application and responsibilities. It is then followed by information pertaining to the procedures that state methods and implement the necessary requirements.

The QAP, QCP and SOP are used internally to guide our employees through the various requirements of standard operation procedures that must be met and maintained for customer satisfaction, improvement and the necessary needs to create a quality work force.

Tecon’s QAP is the proper operation of all phases of our products, installation and work. Our SOP is to be read in its entirety and utilized as required to meet our high quality standards. The complete SOP on CD can be provided upon request.

Tecon Services, Inc. will provide our customers with encouragement and support necessary so that our quality performance will be the standard by which all companies in our industry will follow.