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Tecon Services, Inc. has grown over the years and is committed to serving our customers with high standards and professional services. We have become a leading full service specialty contractor. Tecon’s personnel are experienced in the installation of cryogenic and thermal insulation, fireproofing, coating, scaffolding, sheet metal and electric/steam tracing.

Tecon Services, Inc. specializes in providing our customers with safety, quality and excellent service. With multi-skilled craftsmen, Tecon Services, Inc. offers to reduce cost, jobsite traffic and costly fees.


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation



❖ Tecon can provide the latest insulation materials and jacketing for either hot or cold

❖ Our Vendor suppliers provide us with excellent deliveries, difficult items, and make suggestions on

alternative or new materials

❖ Skilled project management

❖ Large base of experienced craft personnel


❖ Tecon can shop or field fireproof using lightweight, and intumescent materials for

applications requiring specific materials

❖ After structural installation onsite we can apply fireproofing to the structural block outs

❖ We are preferred installer on these types of materials by the manufactures such as

Pyrocrete/ Fendolite/ Concrete / Intumescent


❖ We can shop paint or field paint to a myriad of specs and types of coatings

❖ Excellent quality control

❖ Skilled workforce and management

❖ We own and maintain all of our own equipment

❖ Understand tight schedules and working with other disciplines in order to complete our deadline

❖ 17 acres, Fireproofing / Paint yard


❖ Tecon maintains much of its own scaffolding

❖ Single source for turnkey projects

❖ Safety oriented management and certified craft personnel

❖ Allows our people control over the project by coordinating scaffolding activities to accomplish the most

efficient way to complete a project.


❖ 42 years of service in the disciplines of insulation, painting, fireproofing, heat tracing and scaffolding

❖ Reliable organization. Owner and field managers have been with Tecon for several years

❖ Quality craftsmen

❖ Professional Management Commitment

❖ Quality Management Program

❖ Safety Compliance Assurance

❖ Highly Qualified Field Supervision

❖ Skilled Craftsmen

❖ State of the Art Application and Technology

❖ Construction Schedule Monitoring


❖ Tecon has an excellent record in regard to safety

❖ Full Time Safety Director, James Robertson

❖ Safety training which includes daily toolbox safety meetings,

Job Hazard analysis, pre-task safety reviews, and site


❖ Safety is practiced throughout the company

❖ Written company Safety manual

Heat Tracing

❖ Tecon can perform electric or steam tracing

❖ By providing tracing to your client in conjunction with our insulation we can minimize delays

❖ Qualified management and skilled craft personnel to insure state-of-the-art installations

❖ Single source for both tracing and insulation

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